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Welcome to the web-site of Verekon Ltd!

Welcome to the web-site of Verekon Ltd!

Verekon Ltd. is a joint Ukrainian-Dutch company, which presents by itself an innovative project in production of flexible packaging in reels.

Web offset six-color printing machine “Concepta”, manufactured by the German company Muller Martini, offers a great possibility to apply a high-quality image on the material of thickness from 12 to 250 microns. The range of materials includes various types of polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, PVC shrink films, Ekolin, laminated foil, offset paper, label paper and even cardboard!

A distinctive feature of this printing technology is inks polymerization with UV lamps, with this the application method used is traditional offset. This enables to get a high-quality image of slide pictures using just 4 colors, instead of conventional 6 to 8. Available web revolutionaries allow you to print on the front and back sides of printed material in one pass. For quality print on polypropylene and PET the machine is equipped with a corona and static lifting straps.

The reel maximum width is 520 mm, printing width is 515 mm, which allows printing of smaller runs in contrast to wide-format machines. Print speed, depending on the material, can reach up to 300 m/min, which allows us to make your order with high quality and in a short time.

In addition to standard method of printing from reel to reel, we can install a flattening section to convert web into sheets, which enables us to print paper blanks of any format with a cutting precision of up to 0,1 mm. This includes blanks with tear-off coupons made with selective figured perforation on printed material; magazine covers with a UV varnishing in line and cutting in A3 format, and promotional products. Further drying is not required.

One of Verekon’s activities is personification (direct-mail) - the ability to print unique information on each copy of printed products, such as individual number, bar code, address, zip code, telephone number, etc. If necessary, personalized forms inserted in envelopes could be delivered to addressees by post.